What is a group break?

What is a group break?

A group break is the live opening of product and you receive the cards for whichever team, hit, etc that you are designated or purchase. During a random team break, all the teams for the sport are randomized and all the buy ins are randomized. The amount of randomizing is determined by a die for both. The teams you are randomized are the teams you get the cards for. If the break is a Pick Your Team, you get the cards for the team you purchased. If the break is a random hit (this is usually only in non sports products) then you get the hit for which you were randomized. (Same type of randomization applies)

If the card has a player in a certain uniform but they were traded, it goes to the team whose logo is shown on the card. If the player is in a college uniform, it goes to the team in which the player was drafted. If they didn’t play for the team that drafted them or if they are better known for another team, it goes to the team that they played the most for. Example: Drew Brees would go to the Saints.

If the card has more than one player it goes to the top, left, top left or front, whichever applies to the card.

If the player never was drafted it will be randomed between all buy ins.

Any other questions please ask before purchasing.

There will be NO refunds for someone not understanding the rules of a group break.

Thanks for breaking with Kilo Sports Cards and GOOD LUCK in all your breaks.